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Ric Jung

Ric JungDirector of Engineering

KHCC was only five months old in the fall of 1979 when I joined the staff. Through the years since, I've enjoyed the challenges of building the Radio Kansas network of stations and studios.

Raised in South Dakota and Wisconsin, I was fortunate to befriend in my high school years a old ham radio operator whose intricate hand-crafted radio equipment went back to the 1940's or earlier. This electronic gear, with glowing tubes and dozens of adjustments, sparked my career interest in radio. So I attended Moody Bible Institute in downtown Chicago obtaining a 4-year degree in Missionary Radio Technology. As a part of this, we studied broadcast equipment and high-powered short wave transmitters. Immediately following graduation in 1977, I moved to Newton to work at the Anderson stations of KJRG and KOEZ. It was there that heard KHCC's first transmissions.

I had always listened to Classical Music in my youth. Between Wisconsin Public Radio's classical offerings and the family's LP records, I had plenty to enjoy. After moving to Chicago, WFMT provided the world's finest music for me. At the time that station was also the epitome of high quality broadcasting. So when KHCC asked me to join this brand new classical music station in Hutchinson, I was interested.

A few years after joining KHCC, in 1983/84, I had the opportunity to design our current studios at Davis Hall. Following this in 1986 Radio Kansas embarked on the two-year job of building KHCD. For me, this involved the system design, all FCC work, finding property, purchasing a tower and all the electronic equipment and finally installing it all.

In 1992 we did this all over again with the KHCT station project.

1994 brought completion a Masters of Science in Management at Friends University.

HD Radio arrived in 2006. This new technology required significant upgrades of all transmitter sites and the network's microwave system.

In 2007/08 I supervised the purchase and construction of the new 1300' KHCC tower and moved all transmission equipment to the new site.

HD Radio was granted a power increase in 2012 that allowed Radio Kansas to replace all its aging FM transmitters. These new machines, installed at each tower site, brought Radio Kansas again to the forefront of broadcast technology.

Interests are plentiful for me. Since high school I've studied the prototypes and modeled Colorado narrow gauge railroads. I have a particular interest in collecting brass locomotives and rail cars. In 2008 I extended my railroad interest to train crew work running trains on the Abilene and Smoky Valley Railroad. I regularly serve as an engineer on their restored steam locomotive, Santa Fe 3415.

Music plays a large role in my life. I dabble at several instruments and lead my church worship teams. Above all, pursuing my faith in Jesus Christ and serving people through my church are my highest interests.

I have a wonderful wife, Sandra, three children and 6 grand children. Eric, the oldest son works in Bentonville Arkansas with his wife Ling Ling and family of three. Larissa, the middle child, is married to a pastor (David) and serving in Plevna with a family of two. Joseph, the youngest, wife Yen and daughter, reside in Chinatown, Chicago doing the internet of things (iot). Alas, none are interested in radio or far.