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Every Pledge Counts


You’ll hear us say that Radio Kansas needs every possible contributor to be a success, and our recent fund drive proves it! Every single pledge was necessary as we ALMOST reached our $333,000 budget need. We closed our on-air drive on schedule, moved our fundraising to email, and in the end, we were just $78 short, having raised $332,922. If you played a role in this success, THANK YOU SO  VERY MUCH. This near-victory clearly indicates the power of each and every pledge.


Even in this overall success, some individual shows still came up short! We'd rather not interrupt our air signal between now and the end of our fiscal year. All we ask is that you make a tasteful pledge for the shows you wish to continue to hear. As we say, we're certain to be able to keep doing everything that folks get excited about, and we're willing to improve our schedule with changes, but only if necessary.

It All Starts with You!

We're grateful to our business sponsors, our college, and even a few foundations for playing a role in our budget, but listeners are almost entirely responsible for our health. It's member support that determines which programs we can offer! You'll hear us say that "most" of our funding comes from you, but that's just the beginning. You'll see that last year member support was 54% of our budget, but remember that the size of our federal support - the orange on the graph - that's determined by listener support too, by that federal "match" on local funds. Things would have been a disaster without that federal COVID grant, but we were only able to make a case for that because we were able to point to strong listener support. The more you can give - and the more often you can give - the more match we can generate. We know you'll do all you can! Thanks.


Putting a Windfall to Use


We have been approached by a number of listeners interested in using their A.R.P. checks to support their local economy. They recognize that local non-profs employ people and buy local goods and services just like local restaurants, grocery stores and home improvement centers! Yes, Radio Kansas is a locally-owned “business,” and we have salaries, power bills and other consumables to buy locally. Local firms are given preference in our bidding procedure. You’ll note that we’re members of Chambers of Commerce of several communities representing the vast majority of our listeners! If you’re interested in making a significant gift, remember that if you can come up to $1000 or more this year, NPR offers stations an incentive that’s like giving us $1500! Anything you can do is appreciated and helps offset our lost income and additional expenses due to COVID. Questions? Call 1-800-723-4657 and ask for Russ!


Protecting Your Privacy


You’ll notice that our website doesn’t have any pop-ups asking you to approve “cookies” or other tracking software. That’s not our style. We invite you to use all of our services – on air and online – for free and in private, and then trust on the honor system that you will take part as a contributor. This is one reason we don’t have an “app” that you have to install after accepting a bunch of “terms and conditions.” Our mobile app is simply the mobile-formatted web page at It can’t track you or save or steal your information in any way. Rather than having to download updates, you’ll just find that the page is more capable as time goes on. We recently added an “autodial” function if you can’t remember our number to make a request! There’s also a new button to access our podcasts. These updates are delivered each time you refresh the page.


To “install” the app as a button on your device: On Apple Devices, visit the page in the built-in Safari Browser. Click the “Share” button at the bottom of the browser, then choose “Add To Home Screen.” Our streams and other information are now no more than two clicks away! On Android devices, visit with Chrome, then click the three dots in the upper right and choose “Add To Home Screen.” If you’ll go to that bit of trouble, we can save the $6000 we’ve been quoted to have someone build software for the app store. We’ll keep those dollars invested in the radio you use each day.





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