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Become a Donor or a Member - Always Your Choice!


Needless to say, we are always happy to accept your help, in whatever spirit it is offered.


It's reasonable for someone called a "member" to expect that they count as "current" for the entirety of their membership. However, for matching purposes, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) member count resets July 1. NPR's fiscal year starts October 1. Your tax year resets January 1, as does the year for our narrative report due each February. A one-time donation simply does not allow us to count you in all of these windows all year.


The only way we can warrant your reasonable expectation to be counted by all of these authorities is by accepting your ongoing, monthly gift. This is why we refer to our monthly givers as members and our once-annual or once-occasionally givers as donors. It's simply not possible to "buy" 12 months of "counting" in advance because of these formal reporting issues. In good faith we simply cannot refer to an "annual" membership. A membership is month-to-month, automatic, and ongoing and you can cancel at any time. 


The minimum gift is whatever you wish to give. We have have levels that have been suggested by past listeners' good taste, and we offer thank-you gifts as those levels increase. A donation is not valid for "just" a year; it's meaningful for as long as you feel good about it. We'll make sure you know of subsequent opportunities to make donations or become a member, so that hopefully we can count you more often than every-fourth or every-seventh-year like some donors!